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Natalie Price

Meet Natalie Price, a UK-based enthusiast who finds joy in life’s simple moments. Whether she’s sipping a latte in a cosy café during the day or getting lost in a good book under city lights at night, Natalie’s passion for culture and self-care infuses every word on this blog.

This creative haven is where Natalie shares her adventures, musings, and discoveries—be it the latest fashion trends, travel escapades, wellness rituals, or the beauty found in everyday experiences. Join her on this journey of exploration and inspiration.

Natalie’s love for travel extends to uncovering hidden gems and secret spots within the vibrant city. Taking inspiration from her explorations, Natalie brings an experimental touch to her interior design, sharing carefully-curated aesthetics for each room.

Paige McCall

Enter Paige McCall’s world—a proud mom to two bundles of joy that keep her smiling through the chaos of parenting. Her journey through motherhood, filled with love, laughter, and occasional pandemonium, is laid bare on NP PM Watch. This space isn’t just about the highs and lows of parenting—it’s a celebration of the wild ride that makes it all worthwhile.

Beyond the whirlwind of motherhood, find Paige in the heart of her home—the kitchen. Cooking is her love language, and she believes there’s enchantment in every recipe. From quick family dinners to the joy of experimenting with new flavours, Paige is here to inspire you to create tasty memories in your kitchen.

Recognizing the demanding nature of motherhood, Paige takes moments for genuine self-care. A wellness enthusiast, she’s dedicated a room in her home to yoga and self-care, a retreat for practising yoga, meditating, or simply enjoying a good book with a scented candle.

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