North Penn Puppy Mill Watch

Give Hope To The Mill Dogs - BOYCOTT Stores That Sell Puppies


Yard Sign

North Penn Puppy Mill Watch Yard Signs
Nicely sized, these 24" x 16" bright yellow corrugated
all weather plastic signs come complete with a metal stake
for easy placement in your front yard. 
Available at EVERY Saturday rally and reasonably
priced at only $5.00 - why not get two - and give
one to a friend or neighbor.


North Penn Puppy Mill Watch Buttons
Make no mistake about it, when you wear THIS button,
your position on irresponsible breeding
along with those who profit from the misery of dogs

will immediately be known...loud & clear. 
Nicely sized, this button measures  2.25" in
diameter and is always available at the weekly
demos for a reasonable $1.00 - what a bargain!

Make sure what you want is available! 
If you're planning to pick up a yard sign or button at a Saturday rally, please drop
us a note and we'll be sure to hold your merchandise for you.  It's easy - click HERE.

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