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Animal Law Coalition
Stay up-to-date with legal issues related to animals in Pennsylvania, and across the country, with this progressive website that contains information to educate every animal advocate.

United Against Puppy Mills
Pennsylvania not-for-profit dedicated to exposing the mills throughout the state.

Main Line Animal Rescue
Pennsylvania not-for-profit animal shelter dedicated to helping former mill dogs and their puppies.

Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance - CPAA
The Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance (CPAA) is committed to ending the killing of dogs and cats as a means of animal population control and is working to create a no-kill community in central Pennsylvania. CPAA is composed of individuals and more than 50 rescues, shelters, and other animal welfare organizations, all working toward the goal of ending the killing through aggressive spay/neuter programs and resources, increasing adoption rates for homeless animals, and educating the community on the importance of spaying and neutering. CPAA believes that by working together, pooling resources, and networking we can more effectively create a better community for the animals. We are an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) organization that receives no government funding.

Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - PSPCA
The PSPCA, addresses the needs of thousands of homeless animals a year. We started out with a single center in Philadelphia and, with the help of our dedicated staff and generous donors, burgeoned into a state-wide operation  with six busy shelters. OFFERING A 24 HOUR HOTLINE TO REPORT CRUELTY ABUSE & NEGLECT.  If you see an animal in trouble, call PSPCA at 1-866-601-SPCA

Awareness Day
Sponsors Puppy Mill Awareness Day annually with events in Pennsylvania, New York and North Carolina. Links to many excellent educational articles.

Peaceful Protests
Looking for a local pet shop protest where you may help raise awareness about the despicable pet shop/puppy mill connection?  Check out Peaceful Protests and their schedule of ongoing demonstrations across the nation.  No rally near you?  Why not start one?  Contact us to ask how - Click HERE!

Pet Shop Puppies
Home of the FREE PUPPY REPORT.  Investigate exactly where your pet shop puppy came from - especially if the location is in the mid-west - and read USDA commercial canine kennel inspection reports for the facility.  Excellent videos of puppy mills where consumers can see the truth about where pet shop puppies REALLY come from. A wealth of information on genetics, the Animal Welfare Act and much more.

The Wrong Puppy
More and more puppies (especially Bulldogs and French Bulldogs) are being imported into the United States every day with absolutely NO benefit to the consumer. Frequently sick or plagued with genetic deformities, many breeders and brokers not only fail to disclose the true origin of these puppies, they lie about it.  A must read website for all consumers and companion animal advocates.

Stop Puppy Mills
The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) offers a website dedicated to puppy mill education and how to shut them down. Excellent information and demonstration kits are free for the asking.

Ban Ohio Dog Auctions
Learn about commercial canine dog auctions - where puppy mill dogs are traded with no more regard than used farm equipment and where cruelty abounds.  Read the schedule and save the date to participate in an upcoming demonstration against one of the industry's worst offenders: The Buckeye Dog Auction in Holmes, Ohio.

Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project
Determined to implement laws and regulations to inspect and monitor the many unlicensed commercial breeding kennels across the state, the Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project has demonstrated innovative and state-of-the-art ideas for advocates and state constituents wishing to communicate with elected officials. Constantly updated news regarding puppy mills, backyard breeding and pets stores operating in the state is featured on the homepage.

Pet Store Cruelty
Dedicated to exposing pet stores who buy their puppy inventory from the puppy mills, this not-for-profit offers assistance in tracking down 'breeders' and features the Pet Shop Hall of Shame.

Too Late: An Education Video on Puppy Mills
Poignant and heartbreaking, this video is terrific for educating consumers about why no one should ever purchase a puppy from a pet shop, via online ads or newspaper ads.  Save a life - ADOPT.

Companion Animal Parasite Council
An excellent resource for new and old pet owners looking for descriptions of common canine and feline parasites and infections.

Hearts United for Animals
National no-kill shelter, sanctuary and animal welfare organization dedicated to the relief of suffering. Frequently
rescues and provides forever homes for dogs from the mills who are no longer capable of producing litters.

Links to The ASPCA puppy mills section, states their position on the issue and how you may help to make puppy mills a thing of the past.

MAGDRL - Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League - NJ
Gone to the Dogs an eye-opening article by Gil Smart: History of Lancaster County - Puppy Mill Capital of the East

Puppy Mill Rescue
Not for profit organization and no-kill shelter dedicated to rescuing pups from the mills and providing them with a family, love and perhaps for the first time in their lives, kindness. Provides educational information on the mills and accepts sponsorships for dogs in need.

Boycott Monster Pets
Information about a weekly pet shop demonstration hosted in Philadelphia, PA

The Pittsburgh Channel
Pittsburgh's Action News Extra article on the Pennsylvania Puppy Mills

DJ's Puppy Mill Site
Facts galore and video footage from the infamous Puppy Love Kennel - AKA: CC Pets - owned by Joyce Stoltzfus

Puppy Mill Awareness Group
"I can't sit on the sidelines when animals suffer...  How can you?"  A puppy mill advocate's personal blog that you'll find inspiring!

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