North Penn Puppy Mill Watch

Give Hope To The Mill Dogs - BOYCOTT Stores That Sell Puppies

Weekly Rally in Lansdale, Pennsylvania


Everyone's Welcome
Upcoming Rallies:


May 05, 2012

From 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Rain or Shine

Please Remember: DO NOT Park in The Pavilion Shopping Center

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About The Rally

If it's Saturday, you'll find us at Broad Street & Whites Road in Lansdale, PA from 10AM until 1PM, rain or shine. Since November of 2006 NPPMWatch has hosted a weekly puppy mill rally to raise awareness about the plight of the breeder dogs and the many wonderful animals available for adoption at local rescues and shelters.  Why not join us?

One of the simplest ways to defeat the puppy mill industry is quite simple and actually requires very little effort on your part:


If no one buys, the millers will stop breeding. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Help spread the word that one of the easiest ways to end this despicable industry is simply not to buy their products. Don't buy your food at these stores and don't buy your supplies there, either. ONLY SHOP AT STORES THAT DO NOT SELL COMPANION ANIMALS and send a strong message to pet shops selling puppies and kittens: if you continue to exploit animals for profit, we'll do our best to see that you have NO profits whatsoever.

Lend a hand at a demonstration. It's easy. It's fun. And it does make a difference. North Penn Puppy Mill Watch hosts peaceful weekly demonstrations and everyone's always welcome!

Please Be Mindful of Parking Restrictions:  attendees of the North Penn Puppy Mill Watch weekly educational rally should NOT
park in the Pavilion Shopping Center.  Instead, simply travel down Whites Road and park on any of the side streets that are all within walkable distance to the rally.

For directions, click HERE.

Remember, never, ever purchase a puppy, or any other animal, from a pet shop! Consider adoption from a reputable shelter or rescue instead. In 2007, more than 87,000 dogs were surrendered to Pennsylvania shelters and every year more than 5 million companion animals are euthanized in the United States primarily due to homelessness. Please help to reduce this number and save a life by visiting your local SPCA, breed specific rescue or