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Limited Tethering


What YOU Can Do

Pennsylvania House Bill 1065/Limited Tethering seeks to reduce the number of hours in a day that a dog may be tied outside.  It specifies acceptable collars, the required length of any tether and will amend the portion of Pennsylvania’s criminal code that addresses animal cruelty, Section 5511.

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If passed, Pennsylvania would have, for the very first time, canine legislation that is proactive versus reactive.  Instead of waiting
until a dog is dehydrated, emaciated or dangerously entangled in a tether, this Bill would PREVENT these situations from occurring.  HB-1065 is an important first step in looking out for the health and welfare of Pennsylvania’s dogs and is long overdue.

By far the most common complaint humane officers receive is concerning a chained or tethered dog.  There are no laws in Pennsylvania that prohibit a person from chaining or tethering a dog 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year after year after year.

Currently, neither representative in the North Penn area supports the passage of House Bill 1065 without amendment.  Any amendment to the
Bill will reduce its effectiveness.  Please call your elected representative today and voice your support of this important legislation!


Politely request your state representative to support House Bill 1065 WITHOUT amendment and remind them of the following:

1)   dogs ARE pack animals and life on the end of a chain is detrimental to their well-being;
2)   dogs placed on the end of a chain fall victim to the out of sight/out of mind mentality and frequently do not receive regular feedings or the replenishment of fresh water along with necessary veterinary care;
3)  chained dogs are subject to many more health risks than dogs who live as part of the family including worms, fleas, ticks, rabies, attacks
from other animals and even humans;
4)  chaining actually increases the possibility for any dog to become aggressive and/or territorial and can ultimately pose a danger to those,
including children, who wander into their territory;
5)  24/7 chaining is a dog fighter's best friend.  Dog fighting rings encourage illegal gambling drugs, guns and other unsavory and unwanted elements in our communities.  The prohibition of perpetual chaining will absolutely throw a wrench into any dog fighter's enterprise; and
6)  HB-1065 is a TOOL to help protect animals.  Individuals who chain or tether their dogs for short periods of time throughout the day, briefly before 6AM or after 10PM, will not have to fear having their dogs confiscated.  The enactment of HB-1065 WILL NOT create a special team of anti-tether humane officers to seek out chained dogs and no humane police officer will be permitted to enter onto private property and seize a dog simply because they are tethered; to suggest otherwise is simply ridiculous!  Instead, HB-1065 will offer humane officers the ability to fine individuals and/or remove dogs who are obviously being neglected or abused DUE TO CHAINING.

CONTACT:  KATE HARPER at 610-277-3230

Live outside of the North Penn/Montgomery County Area?  Contact YOUR representative:  Click HERE